Introduction to Course Editing

Creating a Link


1.   Enter the course editor by clicking Courses My courses Edit content


2.   Click on the Insert/edit link icon on the toolbar.


3.   A display will open with the following commands:

  • Url: This is the link that will be added to the page.
  • Text to display: This is the text that will appear on the page to the students containing the link.
  • Title: This adds a title when hovering over the link. It is commonly used to add a description on where the link goes.
  • Link list: This is a list of all assets uploaded to the course, allowing users to easily link to one of these assets.
  • Target: This changes the behaviour of what happens when clicking the link, i.e. open a new window, stay in the same window.
  • Class: This shows options to change the formatting of the link’s text.


4.   Click Ok to finish.


5.   Don't forget to click Publish to save all your changes.