Customizing Courses

Editing Course Options


Access the Course Options screen bty clicking Courses My courses. Then click the down arrow next to a course, and click Options. 


Changing the Course Overview and Description 

1. The first section of the Course Options screen allows you to change the name, section name, overview, and learning objectives for your course.  

2. Click Save when you are finished. 


Assigning Categories to a Course 

1. You can also assign categories to a course from the Course Options screen. Simply type the desired category name into the appropriate field and click the category name when it appears. If the category doesn’t exist, just press Enter. The category will be created and the course will be assigned to it. 

2. To remove the course from a category, click the X next to the category name. 


Enabling Email Instructor Button 

1. Farther down on the Course Options screen, you will see a Social section. Here, you can enable the Instructor Email button, specify the email address to use. You can choose one of your users from the dropdown menu. 

2. Click Save when you are finished. 


Enabling or Disabling Audio 

1. You can also choose to enable or disable audio for the course. This audio will carry over to SCORM package exports as well. Move the toggle switch to your desired position and click on Save


Setting a Price and Marketing Options for the Private Portal 

1. The Course Options screen also contains settings for your private portal. Here, you can choose if the course is available for sale and/or displayed in the carousel. You can also set the price and duration.  

2. Click Save when you are finished. 


Changing the Course Cover 

1. In your course content list, by default you will see a green course cover. This is the icon to the left of your course name.  

2. You can change this cover by scrolling to the bottom of the Course Options screen. Under the “Course Cover” heading, click Browse to choose a new cover. (The current cover will be displayed in the middle of this section.) 

3. Browse to the image, select it, and click Open

4. Click “Upload cover.” 

5. Your cover will now be applied.