Working with Images

Inserting an Image Using the Page Builder



To add and edit a picture in the page builder, make sure you have already added a snippet from the right-hand menu to the page that contains images.



Tip: You can use the filter menu on the right-hand side of the page and select one of the image filters to be shown only snippets containing images.



To edit a snippet with a picture, roll the mouse over the picture you want to edit. Two buttons will appear that allow you to insert a new picture.


Clicking the orange button will open a window where you can place a link for a picture.

Clicking the blue button will open your file browser and allow you to select an image file from your computer.


When a new picture is selected, a toolbar appears.



To resize the picture, click the + and - buttons.



The picture can be moved within the window by clicking and dragging.



Clicking the arrow will undo any changes that were made.



Once the picture is in the desired position, click Ok to insert the picture.



Alternatively, selecting No crop will insert the picture and automatically adjust its position so that none of the picture gets cropped out.