Course Editing: In-depth

Using the Page Builder


The page builder is a powerful new tool that can help you easily create beautifully designed and functional pages for your courses. It gives you the ability to add text, pictures, hyperlinks, videos, maps, and more. 


To open the Page Builder tool, select ‘Page Builder’ from the top bar of the editing screen. This will close the classic editor and open the page builder. 

  • Note that you must save any changes you have made to your page before entering the page builder. Do this by clicking ‘Publish’. 


Editing Snippets

1. Click anywhere on a snippet to open a set of four buttons on the left side. 

2. Clicking and dragging the green button will allow you to move the snippet around on the page. 

3. Clicking the blue button opens the coding string for that snippet. This code can be edited to change how the content looks.

4. Clicking the grey ‘+’ button adds an identical snippet directly after your current selection. If any changes were made to the snippet, they will be reflected in the copied version. 

5. Clicking the orange ‘x’ button will delete the entire snippet. 


Editing Text

1. Click on the text you want to edit.

2. A text editing toolbar will appear at the top of the page, containing options for formatting your text and adding links. 

3. Type your changes. 

4. To exit text editing mode, click anywhere outside the text area. 


The Page Builder Toolbar

• View HTML: this shows the HTML code for the entire page. You can edit this code here if desired. 

• View page: this closes the page builder and displays the course page as it would appear to a student. To exit the viewing mode, click ‘edit page’ from the sidebar menu to return to the course editor.  

• Classic Editor: this returns you to the course editor.

• Publish: this saves your changes. 

• Add page: this adds a new page to the course.