About Us

The way we built znanja says a lot about us.

znanja is an online application that re-imagines the LMS experience for the Internet age by combining simple learner and course management with innovative course creation tools and unbelievable authoring capability.

The znanja Story

znanja is a word that means multiples of knowledge

For 20 years, Velsoft had been synonymous with leadership in courseware and educational technologies. This rare combination of courseware and software has enabled Velsoft to focus on the entire process of delivering skills training. Our approach to eLearning is disrupting the eLearning market with technologies no one else can offer and at a lower total cost of eLearning creation and delivery no one else can match.

Velsoft’s award-winning eLearning platform, znanja (which means “multiples of knowledge”), is revolutionizing eLearning because znanja is not simply a learning management system; it is a cloud-based eLearning HUB that offers incredible new technologies, enabling unparalleled flexibility over your online learning. Added to this technology is znanja’s powerful, built-in authoring system capable of integrated multimedia formats including: text, video, ppt’s, voice-over and animation (and more). znanja includes a game-changing direct-to-eLearning technology that allows you to actually convert your training content files to full SCORM-compliant interactive eLearning... in less than a second.

Import your own courses/SCORM

Without doubt, the number one cost of eLearning is getting your content into an eLearning course. The framework of eLearning is referred to as SCORM. Creating a SCORM-compliant eLearning course has traditionally been recognized as requiring 200-260 hours of work to create 1 hour of SCORM-compliant eLearning.

Several years ago, a couple of products (Articulate/Storyline, Captivate, etc) came on the market and lowered the time requirement to approximately 80 hours of work for 1 hour of eLearning. The term ‘rapid eLearning’ was adopted to describe these new products.

znanja has recently created a whole new category in the eLearning space we call ‘instant eLearning.’

Included in the znanja LMS is what we refer to as the znanja conversion technology. In 1 second znanja can take content in electronic format (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and convert these files into SCORM-compliant eLearning courses ready to be taken. From here we offer a suite of tools for enhancing this content with games, quizzes and media such as audio and videos. znanja does in seconds what typically takes hundreds - if not thousands - of hours to do.

Essentially, znanja has changed the economic model of how eLearning is created. It is this disruptive technology that gives us an unparalleled advantage over other LMS providers; and it is this disruptive technology we bring to the BDC Academy.

znanja will save organizations thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on every document they wish to convert to eLearning. Putting the power of eLearning creation into the hands of every person is a game changer that will do to training what Photoshop did to desktop publishing.