Introducing the technology to live-edit published eLearning courses


Direct-to-eLearning conversion technology that allows you to automatically convert Word or PowerPoint files directly into eLearning. Only znanja offers this proprietary technology.


The built-in messenger system allows students to talk with the instructor, or other students taking the same course. Start course discussions on any page of a course, and keep in touch with your students, all without leaving znanja.


znanja allows you to quickly and easily create completely custom certificates to add to your courses. Only znanja has this level of control over the look and feel of your certificates.

White Label

znanja can be completely rebranded. Choose your own logo and colors to make it your own, and even choose a custom domain for your login. Your brand is the focus, not ours.


Znanja LMS uses Amazon AWS servers and offers a network architecture which meets - and exceeds - security requirements for security-sensitive organizations.


Editing is made even simpler with PageBuilder. PageBuilder offers over 500 pre-built pages that can easily be dropped into your course and edited. Plus, all of znanja is SCORM-Compliant so you never have to worry about it.


znanja is stored completely in the cloud. That means you don't need to host any hardware or software, and your students get consistent access and speed, right out of the box.


znanja offers free access to a powerful API, that's been implemented in projects such as our virtual campuses and single sign on applications.

SCORM Connector

All znanja courses come with our proprietary SCORM connector export. Export a small package into your LMS, and watch as it updates in real time with your edits on znanja.


Easily add audio to every page in your course. Add step by step narration with ease, and even record the audio from directly within znanja.


znanja's editing tools are simple to use, and reminiscent of popular technologies such as Microsoft word.

Developer Tools

znanja doesn't want to limit you. If you're capable, you can take complete control over the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML of every page in your course, making everything you can dream of possible with znanja.


All your znanja courses are built in a way that allows rapid and powerful customization. Change the fonts, styles, colours, and even add a logo to a whole course effortlessly. Then instantly copy those settings into other courses for a consistent look and feel.

Responsive Grid

znanja includes a powerful Bootstrap grid tool that will scale beautifully, and make your courses look naturally stunning on all devices.


Bring your course to life with animation and movement. With a full array of CSS animations easily accessible without any programming knowledge, anyone can make lively courses.


Group students and instructors together to make assigning courses, viewing reports, and opening chatrooms effortless.


Instantly generate reports with in-depth information on your student's progress through your courses.

User Roles

With custom access for instructors, students, content creators and administrators, it's easy to set up all your users with just the permissions they need.

White Label

You can completely rebrand the LMS as your own. Choose your own logo and colors and make it your own.

LTI integration

znanja follows the LTI standards, making it easy to integrate with the LTI-compatible tools you're already using.


Using a powerful toolkit of triggers and actions, you can create workflows to automatically enrol students, send messages, and even more.


Review knowledge transfer and reinforce concepts easily with the znanja QuizBuilder tool. Add SCORM-compliant tests, exams, assessments, and quizzes to your courses. And all quizzes are automatically displayed in the reporting.

Answer history

Don't just see the final answer, but watch the process as your student works through a question. Identify problem areas, and guide your student's teaching in ways only possible with eLearning.

Time Tracking

znanja tracks how long a student visits every page. Easily see where students struggled to interpret content, and what came easily.

Real Time grading

Let znanja automatically grade your simple questions. Test your student's comprehension and push them to study the content more in-depth at their own pace.

Instructor Grading

Using text responses, create in-depth comprehension questions and essays for your students. Then instructors can effortlessly see the responses in the reporting, and grade with ease.


Sort your students by group, course, or individually, and generate powerful top-level reports as soon as you need them.

Pair with Gameo for even more interactivity

No Programming Required

Create amazing interactions using our simple but powerful interaction editor.

HTML5 Output

Publish your interactions as HTML. Our interactions work on Windows, Mac, iPads, Android Tables, Chromebooks and more.

Real-time Editing

Simplify your workflow by using our real-time editor. Update your interactions without the need to re-export or upload it again.

No Software Required

No software download is required to use our cloud based editor. Works on Mac, Windows and Linux in all modern web browser's.

SCORM Compliant

Our interactions report scores and completion data to your SCORM1.2, SCORM2004 or Tin Can / xAPI compliant LMS.

Embed into your Content

Easily embed your interactions into your own content using our embed code.

SCORM Export

Export your interaction as a stand-alone SCORM1.2, SCORM2004 or Tin Can / xAPI package to import into your compliant LMS.

Public Library

Browse the public library of interactions created by other users. Mark your own interactions as public to share them with others.

Team Accounts

Invite other users from your company to help build and edit your interactions.