MAY 31
Text To Speech

<p>Hi znanja LMS Admins, </p> <p>It has come to our attention that the language options for the Text to Speech recording have been experiencing some errors. Unfortunately, Google - the technology provider - has recently removed all options for languages except for English (United States). </p> <p> At this time we would recommend using the English (United States) voice options when applying Text to Speech to your course or course pages individually. </p> <p> We apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused and will update you when the options are available again. </p> Michael Harding - Chief Happiness Officer<br /><br /> 1-800-730-7115 or +1-902-755-1884<br />

JAN 15
Your suggestions are important to us.

As a znanja LMS Administrator you are an authority on using the system effectively. We would love to hear your feedback on system improvements or new features you would find helpful for your business and your clients. Our aim is to make your eLearning experience the best possible and the best way to do that is to hear from you directly. Please submit any suggested improvements or new features via our new request form located at or email Thank you for your time, consideration and feedback.

JAN 09
Revised SCORM completion requirements

After careful consideration we have decided to revise the completion requirements for SCORM Connector packages, the new requirements are as follows: <br /><br /> <ol style="font-size: 17px"> <li>The student must view all pages in the course.</li> <li>The student must achieve the required score, if a required score has been configured for the course.</li> </ol>

JAN 04
Navigation Updates: Developer tools button is moving

<p style="margin-bottom: 40px">In-order to simplify the editor interface we have moved the developer tools button from the options menu to the editor's toolbar. This change will automatically be applied to our account in the coming weeks. The screenshot included below shows where the new button will be located.</p> <img src="" alt="new dev button location" class="img-responsive" />

JUN 12
New: Setting the course lists default sort order

<p>The courses in a student&rsquo;s course list will be sorted according to the default course sort order, which is controlled on the <strong>Features </strong>page. Alternatively, you can define your own custom order for courses.</p> <br /> <h4>Creating a Custom Course Sort Order</h4> <ol> <li>To define a custom sort order, first click the <strong>Settings</strong> button on the sidebar and click <strong>Features</strong>.</li> <li>Find the <strong><em>&ldquo;Default Course Sorting&rdquo; </em></strong></li> <li>Open the dropdown menu. This lets you select which sorting option will be set as the default for all students in your organization. To create a custom sorting order, click <strong>Custom </strong>from this list.</li> <li>A <strong>Customize Sort Order </strong>button will appear. Click on it.</li> <li>A page will open with a list of your courses. You can click and drag to adjust their position on the list. <em>The order of courses on this page will be the order of courses viewable by your students.</em></li> <li>Click <strong>Save </strong>to finish.</li> </ol>

JUN 12
Navigation Updates

<p>The category and certificate pages will soon be moved from the settings section to under the courses section.</p> <p>To access these pages after the change has been made click on the <strong>courses</strong> navigation item in the sidebar.</p> <br /> <img src="" />

JUN 08
Spanish Interface

<p> We have launched a Spanish version of the Learning Management System. The Spanish interface will allow your users to browse the platform in Spanish. </p> <strong> You can change the interface to Spanish by editing your profile settings: </strong> <img src="" alt="profile settings" />

APR 13
New Discussion Board Feature

<p> Discussion boards allow users to carry on discussions online, at any time. We have launched two types of discussion boards that are automatically available in your account: </p> <br /> <h4>Course Discussions</h4> <p> The course discussions allow students to discuss different topics related to the course. Only students who are enrolled in the course can participate in this type of discussion board. Course discussions can be disabled at two different levels: </p> <ol> <li> Globally disabled – Under the <strong>settings</strong> -> <strong>features</strong> section of your account there is an option to disable discussions on all courses. </li> <li> Per-Course – Under the <strong>course settings</strong> for a course there is an option to disable the discussion for an individual course. </li> </ol> <br /> <h4> Global Discussions </h4> <p> The global discussion boards allow users to discussion topics which you, as an Administrator, determine. As an Administrator, you can set up as many discussion boards as you like, as a student you can view the discussion boards, create topics in the board, or reply to topics created by other users. Global discussion boards can be disabled under the settings -> features page of your account. </p> <br /> <h4>Administration of discussions</h4> <p> As an Administrator, you have full control over the discussions or replies created by your users. You can quickly and easily hide or delete topics and replies created by users. You can mark a discussion topic as <strong>pinned</strong> to have it remain at the top of the discussion list. </p>

MAR 23
New French Interface

<p> We have launched a French version of the Learning Management System. The French interface will allow your users to browse the platform in French. </p> <strong> Your users can change their language settings under their profile options: </strong> <img src="" alt="profile settings" />

DEC 08
Course cover settings moving December 12th

<p> The course cover setting will be moving from the <strong>course settings</strong> page to the <strong>course branding</strong> page on December 12th. </p> <p> To access the course cover setting page after December 12th browse to the branding options for the course, as seen in the screenshot below. </p> <img src="" class="img-responsive" />

NOV 30
PowerPoint Conversion v1.3

We have released a new version of our PowerPoint Conversion Technology. <strong>v1.3</strong> introduces several improvements and new features to the PowerPoint Conversion.<br /><br /><h4>Tables</h4>Tables will now be converted with the document, the following properties will be converted: <ul style="margin-bottom: 40px; margin-top: 20px"> <li>Cell background color</li> <li>Cell border properties including width, style and color</li> <li>Font styles</li> <li>Header row</li> <li>Total rows</li> <li>Banded rows</li> <li>Banded columns</li> <li>Last column</li> <li>First column</li> </ul> <h4>Paragraphs and Headings</h4> Paragraphs and headings will now be converted with the proper font styles, including font size and font color.

NOV 30
Notification Center

We have released a new <strong>Notification Center</strong> to help keep you informed on learning platform updates. As an account Administrator, you will now be able to quickly see new features and updates as we push them out. When we release a new feature you will see a notification beside your name in the top right-hand corner, clicking on the bell will bring you to a page with more information about the notification.