MAR 23
New French Interface

<p> We have launched a French version of the Learning Management System. The French interface will allow your users to browse the platform in French. </p> <strong> Your users can change their language settings under their profile options: </strong> <img src="" alt="profile settings" />

DEC 08
Course cover settings moving December 12th

<p> The course cover setting will be moving from the <strong>course settings</strong> page to the <strong>course branding</strong> page on December 12th. </p> <p> To access the course cover setting page after December 12th browse to the branding options for the course, as seen in the screenshot below. </p> <img src="" class="img-responsive" />

NOV 30
PowerPoint Conversion v1.3

We have released a new version of our PowerPoint Conversion Technology. <strong>v1.3</strong> introduces several improvements and new features to the PowerPoint Conversion.<br /><br /><h4>Tables</h4>Tables will now be converted with the document, the following properties will be converted: <ul style="margin-bottom: 40px; margin-top: 20px"> <li>Cell background color</li> <li>Cell border properties including width, style and color</li> <li>Font styles</li> <li>Header row</li> <li>Total rows</li> <li>Banded rows</li> <li>Banded columns</li> <li>Last column</li> <li>First column</li> </ul> <h4>Paragraphs and Headings</h4> Paragraphs and headings will now be converted with the proper font styles, including font size and font color.

NOV 30
Notification Center

We have released a new <strong>Notification Center</strong> to help keep you informed on learning platform updates. As an account Administrator, you will now be able to quickly see new features and updates as we push them out. When we release a new feature you will see a notification beside your name in the top right-hand corner, clicking on the bell will bring you to a page with more information about the notification.