Working with Video and Audio

Adding Text-to-Speech Narration

1.     Click Manage → Manage audio.



2.     Click Generate TTS Audio.



3.     First, select a language from the first dropdown menu.



4.     Then, select the gender of the voice you would like to use.




5.     Finally, select a specific voice from the final dropdown.



6.     You can add a start delay for your narration using the box at the top.




7.     When you are ready, click Save. The narration will be automatically generated and added to the page. Note that the narration is generated based on the text on the course page it is being added to.



8.     The editing toolbar contains a menu of actions that can help you edit your narration once it has been added. These actions can be found under the TTS Tools menu.




9.     To make a change, select the text in question on the page, and click an option from the list.


a       You can add additional emphasis to a word or phrase using the Emphasis option.

b      You can change how a word or phrase is narrated by Substituting Text for the narration to read in a particular section. 

c       You can define how a particular word or phrase should be read (for example as a unit or spelled-out) using the Say As option.

d      You can add a break of a specified duration in between a particular sentence or paragraph using the Break option.

e      You can select what text should or should not be included in the narration under the Limit Recordable Content menu.




10.  Make sure to click Publish if you make any changes.