Course Editing: In-depth

Adding Tables

Adding a Table

1.   To insert a table, click Table from the editing toolbar. 
2. Scroll over the Table option on the menu that appears, and click the boxes to choose the size of the table you want to add. 
3. The table will be added to the page. You can add information to the table by clicking on a cell and typing. 

Adjusting the Size of a Table

1.   The first way you can change the size of a table is by clicking and dragging one of the clear boxes at the corner of the table. 
2. You can also adjust the size of the table more precisely by opening “Table Properties”. This can be done in one of two ways:
a. By clicking “Table Properties” from the table toolbar that appears when you create a table. 
b. By clicking “Table Properties” from the Table menu on the editing toolbar.
3. A menu will open that allows you to adjust the width, height, cell size, and cell padding by typing in a number. You can also adjust the border and alignment of the table from this menu. 
4. Click OK to finish.