Using the Page Editor

Applying a Starter Template


A page template allows you to create your desired course page, including elements such as the course title, user information, instructor information, images, and more. These templates can then be applied across as many of your courses as you like. They are customizable and allow for consistent branding and formatting between courses.


How to Apply a Starter Template

Using a starter template, you can apply a pre-made template to your courses from a list without any editing required.


Find the course you want to edit from your course list, open the dropdown, and click Edit course.



Now open the Options menu from the upper toolbar and click Change Template.



A page will open with a list of the templates that are available to use. Notice that the tab reads Starter Global Templates. These are templates that are already pre-made and uploaded to the system.



When you move your mouse over a template, two buttons appear. Clicking Preview will open a window with a preview of what the template might look like once applied to a course page.



Clicking Set will apply this template to the page in the course.



You will then be returned to the course page in the editor. You will see that the template has been applied.