In the znanja LMS, students can upload documents for the instructor to view from inside a course. These uploaded documents are referred to as assignments.


How to Add an Assignment to a Course


Find the course you want to edit from your course list and click Edit course from the dropdown menu to open the course editor.


On the editing toolbar is the Insert a File Upload button. Clicking this button opens a new menu.



On the menu that appears, you can type the text that will be displayed. The first field allows you to type the title of the assignment. This is to help the instructor keep track of various assignments on the reporting page.



The second field allows you to type the label, which is the text that is visible to the student on their course page.



Click OK to finish. 



The upload button will be added to the page. When students access this page on their accounts, they can use the upload button to select and upload a file.



Be sure to click Publish to save the change.




How to Access Student Assignment Submissions


To open the course reporting section, click Reporting, then Courses from the sidebar.



Find the course with the assignment you want to access from the list and click View Report.



Now, find the student whose report you want to open, and click the down arrow. On the dropdown, click View Assignments.



Now you can see the uploaded files for this assignment on the list, and the date they were uploaded. You can also download the file for viewing by clicking the Download button.