Badges are awarded to students for completing a particular task or action. Badges are made up of an image and description and can be viewed and downloaded by students. Badges are a great way to encourage the use of the LMS and reward students for progress.


How to Create a New Badge


To create a new badge, start by clicking Settings then Badges on the sidebar. 



Then, click Create a Badge at the top of the page.



Start by typing a name and description for the badge.



Select the number of points this badge is worth by typing in a number.



Next, select an image to associate with the badge. There are two ways to add an image. First, you can use the dropdown menu to choose an image from your organization assets.

Note: Organization assets can be accessed by clicking Assets under the Settings menu. Any images you want to use must be in a folder named “badges”.



The second way to add an image is by clicking Upload image, and choosing an image file.



Now, use the dropdown menu to select the criteria for being awarded the badge. There are three options.



Selecting manual lets the badge be awarded by workflows.

When creating a workflow, dragging Award a badge from the menu on the right will add a trigger to the workflow that will be activated when that badge is awarded to a student. Be sure to select your badge using the dropdown menu.



You could also select course completed, which will award the badge to a student that completes a particular course or set of courses.

For this option, input a minimum required score, and then select the course or courses by typing the name of the course and clicking it from the list that appears.



Finally, you can select login.

This will let the badge be awarded after a certain number of LMS logins, which can be specified by typing in a number.



The Active toggle lets you toggle whether a badge is active or inactive. When a badge is inactive, it will not be awarded to any students. Students who have already been awarded the badge will keep it.



When you are ready, click Create.

The badge will be added to the list.


How to View Badges


When a user meets the criteria for a badge, they will receive an email notification with the name, description, and image of the badge.



You can view all of your badges in the LMS. Start by clicking on your username.



Then click My Badges.



Your badges will be listed on the page. When you hover over a badge, you will see its description, and have the option to download it as an image file.