Creating Courses

Creating a Course by Converting a Document or Presentation


The znanja course authoring tool allows you to create content by importing your existing Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx) documents. This provides a quick and easy method to convert your existing documents into eLearning.

Once you’ve converted some material, you can also create courses from your existing content, allowing you to mix and match sections from separate documents that have been imported, giving you a truly customizable learning experience.


    1. To begin, click Create under the Courses menu on the sidebar. 

    2. Click Convert

    3. Before you upload, make sure your document follows znanja’s guidelines so that it can be successfully converted. Document guidelines are found in the article links below, and can also be accessed by clicking Help on the conversion page.

      PowerPoint Conversion Guidelines
      Word Document Conversion Guidelines

    4. When your document has been prepared, start by entering the course name. 

    5. Then click Browse to select a Word or PowerPoint file to upload. 

    6. Browse to the file, select it, and click Open. 

    7. Next, click Advanced to access additional options. 

    8. In the Advanced section, you will see three options.

      Here is a description of these options.

      • Course code: Some organizations classify their content with a code system. If so, you can enter the course code here.
      • Course description: Give an overview of what the course is about. This will be visible in the course list.
      • Maximum heading level: At which heading level do you want a new page to start? For example, if you select Heading 1, a new page will start at each Heading 1. If you select Heading 3, a new page will start at each H1, H2, and H3. This option only applies to Microsoft Word documents.

    9. When you are ready, click Upload.

    10. Once the upload is complete, you can choose what sections to include in the course. 

  • You can add and remove chapters from your document by simply clicking the checkboxes in the “Your sections” list on the left-hand side. 

  • You can drag and drop headings in the “Selected sections” list on the right-hand side to rearrange them. Or, click the X to remove the section.

  • You can also click the Existing Inventory tab to use content from other courses that you have previously uploaded. See Build for more information.

11. You can also choose from one of the available templates for your course. 
12. Once you’re satisfied with the course, click Finish.
13. The course will be created and added to the My Courses page.