Managing your Organization

Allocating Courses

Course allocations are accessed from the manage drop-down menu on the organization's list. You can navigate to this list by clicking Organizations under the Settings tab.


There are two different ways the course allocations feature can be used: to edit the current organization, or to transfer courses from the ccuurent organization to another.


Clicking Manage then Course Allocations next to your organization opens the course allocations for that course. Because you are in your current organization, you can modify this organization's default allocation permissions like resale, cloning, and exporting.  These features will be in use when you allocate courses from this organization to another organization. For example, if the resale permission was turned off for this organization, then users from a different organization who receive any courses I allocate to them would not be able to resell the courses.


To allocate courses from your organization to another, click Manage then Course Allocations next to the organization you want to transfer to. Course allocation takes place in the course allocation tab on this page. There are two columns: one with the courses that are available to allocate, and the other with the courses that have been allocated to the other organization. To allocate courses, click on the toggle next to a course so it says Yes then click Update to allocate the courses. Make sure that you click update after every page of courses. Notice that you can also filter courses by their category or search for courses by name.


To remove courses that have been allocated, click on the toggle beside a course in the right column and then click Update. On the left of the page, you can override your default permissions on a case-by-case basis. Clicking these toggles before allocating a particular course will give that course the modified permissions. On the right, toggling Mass Allocation then clicking Update will allocate all of the courses from your organization into the other organization. Toggling Mass Removal then clicking Update will remove all the courses that have been allocated from the current organization to this other organization. Finally clicking Clone categories then clicking Update will copy all the categories from your organization and make them the same in the other organization.