Working with Media in the Page Editor

Inserting an Image Using the Course Editor


Clicking this icon will open the Insert/edit image menu.

You can upload an image by clicking the Upload tab and browsing for an image from your computer.




You can also insert an image by connecting a link to a directory or website. Do this by opening the General tab. The following commands will be displayed: 


·      Source: This is where you can place the link to the image you want to use.

·      Image list: This is a list of all assets uploaded to the course, allowing users to easily link to one of these assets.

·      Image description: This adds an alt attribute to the image, which is commonly used to describe the image for screen readers.

·      Dimensions: This allows you to view the dimensions of the picture. Inputting your own values and selecting Constrain proportions will restrict the picture to those dimensions.



The Advanced tab has additional commands:


·      Style: This allows you to add custom CSS coding to the image tag.

·      Vertical space, Horizontal space: This allows you to add space above and beside the image.

·      Border: This allows you to add a border around the image.



To edit an image that has already been inserted, select the image and click on the image icon to open the editing screen.