Working with Video and Audio

Inserting a Video using the Course Editor


In the Course Editor, clicking this icon will open the Insert/edit video menu. Here, the following commands are displayed under the General” tab:


  • Source: This is where you can place the link to the video you want to use.
  • Alternative source: This would be used to place a link to another source of the video, such as another file extension for different browsers. This would not be used when linking to video - sharing websites such as Vimeo or YouTube.
  • Poster: This allows you to select an image to display before the video plays. This would also not be used for video-sharing websites such as Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Dimensions: This allows you to view the dimensions of the video window. Inputting your own values and selecting Constrain proportions will restrict the video window to those dimensions.



Under the Embed tab, an embed code can be pasted into the window.