Managing Settings

Creating a Learning Path


A learning path is a clear and visual way to define sets of courses for your users to take. A learning path is made up of many competencies, and each competency is made up of a particular set of courses. 



Finishing all of the courses within a competency will mark that competency as complete and finishing all of the competencies in the learning path will complete the learning path.


When a student is added to a learning path, they are automatically enrolled in all of the courses required by the competencies in the learning path. In the same way, if a course is added to a competency after students have already been assigned, they will also be automatically enrolled in the new course.


Students can access their learning paths under the Courses menu on the sidebar.



How to Create a New Learning Path and Add Users


To create a new learning path, click Learning Paths under the Settings category in the sidebar.



Click Create Learning Path.  



Enter the name and description of the learning path in the fields provided. Then click Confirm to create the learning path.



You are now on the editing page for the learning path. At the top, there are four tabs in the toolbar that allow you to access different editing features for the learning path.



Under the Details tab, you can edit the name and description of the learning path in the fields provided. Click Save to save any changes.



Opening the Users tab in the upper toolbar allows you to assign users to follow this learning path.



To add a user, click Add user.



A list of users will appear. Click Add next to the users you want to add to the learning path.



To remove a user, click Remove users at the top of the list.



Click Remove.



The Delete tab allows you to delete the entire learning path.