Instructor-Led Training

Creating an Instructor-led Classroom Session


Instructor-led training can be facilitated by the znanja LMS. Instructors can create classrooms or working groups with a list of enrolled students. The instructor can use this platform to monitor student attendance, keep marks, and save notes.

Note that the instructor-led feature must be activated by Velsoft.


How to Create a Classroom


On the sidebar menu, click Instructor Led. Then click Reporting.



At the top of the screen, click Create.



Begin by entering the name of your classroom or working group in the top field.



Then select the instructor of the course by typing their name in the second field and selecting the user from the list that appears.



Next, set the start and end date and time for the classroom by clicking in the appropriate fields. To select dates, use the calendar that appears.



To set the location for your training session, enter the address in the Location field. When the address is entered, a map application will appear showing the location. Be sure to enter a full address for best results (street, city, province/state, country).



The final step is to add students to the classroom. To do this, click Add Students.



A list of students will appear. Click Add next to any student to add them to the classroom.



You have now created your classroom. Navigating back to the Instructor Led page will show your list of classrooms.