Creating a Custom Certificate

Creating a Certificate

    1. On the Certificates page, click Create New Certificate. This will open a dialogue box.

    2. Enter a name for the certificate, and click Create certificate.

    3. The certificate editor will open. First, select a template for your certificate by clicking Select Template in the middle of the canvas. There are three template options:

      • You can select a pre-made certificate template under the “Default Templates” tab
      • You can select a template you previously created under the “My Templates” tab
      • You can upload a new template from an image file under the “Upload Templates” tab.


  1. Make your template choice, then click Change Template. If you want to change the template again after the first one is applied, click Select Template at the top of the screen.

  2. You can modify the contents of the certificate by dragging fields found the editing page right onto the certificate. These fields (except for Custom Text) will be automatically filled when the certificate is generated for the student; no information must be added now.

  3. To add a field, drag one from the side of the page right onto the certificate. You can adjust its position by clicking and dragging. Font options, including colour, size, and alignment can also be adjusted using the toolbar that appears. To delete the field, click the trash can icon.

  4. When you are done, click Save Certificate.






Editing a Certificate

  1. To edit a certificate you have already made, click Certificates from the Courses tab. This will display all your custom certificates.

  2. Clicking on a certificate will launch the certificate editor.

  3. Be sure to click Save Certificate when you are done.