Creating a Custom Certificate


1. Access the certificate editor by clicking Certificates under the Settings tab.  

2. Click Create New Certificate.  

3. Enter a name for your certificate, and click Create Certificate again.  

4. In the editor, click Select Template

5. Click the Upload Templates tab. Click Browse and select your image file. Click on Change Template to add the image to the certificate. 


Note: For best results, the image should be one of the following sizes:

• A4 paper size: 1754 x 1240 at 150 PPI

• Letter size: 1650 x 1275 at 150 PPI


6. Now that the background has been added, drag certificate elements from the right-hand menu onto your certificate. 

7. You can move elements around by dragging them, and the size and format of the element can be adjusted using its toolbar. 

8. When you are done editing your certificate, click Save Certificate.  



Adding Images to Certificates

1. In the certificate editor, drag an image element onto the certificate. A menu will open. 

2. The My Images tab will show you a list of any images that you have already uploaded. 

3. The Upload Image tab allows you to upload a new picture from your computer. 

4. Click Browse to search for your new image. When you click Open, your new image will be added to the list. Click on the image to add it to the certificate. 

5. You can drag the image around to change its position. 

6. You can adjust its size by using the + and buttons. 

7. You can remove the image by clicking the trash can icon.