Creating a Custom Page Template


A page template allows you to create your desired course page, including elements such as the course title, user information, instructor information, images, and more. These templates can then be applied across as many of your courses as you like. They are customizable and allow for consistent branding and formatting between courses.


How to Create a New Page Template


Start by clicking Courses from the sidebar, then click Templates.



This page will show you the list of your templates once you created some. Click on Create New Template at the top of the page.



This menu allows you to define some basic information about the template first. This can be changed later in the editor.

First, type the name of the new template.



Then, select the type of template from the list. The options are title page, layouts, or images. You can also select Other for no type to be applied. 



Finally, select the theme for this template. Selecting one of the theme options will only allow this template to work in courses with that particular theme already applied when the course was created. Selecting Use With Any Theme will allow the template to work with any theme. 



Click Create Template to finish.



You will be taken directly to the template editor. The template editor is very similar to the course editor that is used to create courses. Text and content can be added in the same way on a template page as on a page in a course.


In the template editor, clicking Token will show a list of placeholder fields that can be added to the template.


Tokens are placeholders that can be added to a template page. For example, if you added the Course Title token to the page, you will simply see “Course title” written on this page. But once this template is applied to a particular course, the course title token will be replaced with the actual course title.


Clicking Body will add a placeholder on the page where the text of the page will be located. Now, when a template is applied to a page with content already on it, that content will be placed within the body placeholder.



When you are done editing, click Save.



You can click Preview to open a window containing a preview of the page as it might appear to a student.



Clicking Details opens the menu that allows you to change the title, type, and theme of the template. Be sure to click Set Name if you have made any changes.



Clicking Delete will delete this template.