Managing Settings

Creating and Editing Competencies


A competency defines a specific group of courses that a student needs to take. To complete a competency, a student must finish all of the courses contained in the competency. To complete a learning path, a student needs to fulfill all of the competencies.


Make sure the editing page for a learning path is displayed. (You are automatically taken here when you create a new learning path, or you can access it by navigating to the learning path page under the Settings menu of the sidebar and clicking the View button next to the learning path you want to edit.)


Under the Competencies tab, you can add new competencies to the learning path.



To create a new competency, click Add Competencies.



Click Create Competency.



Enter the name and description for the competency, then click Confirm.



On this editing page, there are three tabs in the upper toolbar. Under the Details tab you can edit the name and description of the competency. Click Save to save any changes.



Under the Courses tab, you can add courses to the competency. These will be the courses a student must complete to finish the competency.


Note: Students will be automatically enrolled in the courses you add if they are assigned to this competency.


To add courses, click Add courses.



Your course list will appear. Clicking Add next to a course’s name will add the course to the competency.



To remove a course, click Remove courses at the top of the list.



Then click Remove.



The Delete tab will delete this competency.



When you are finished editing the competency, return to the learning path by following the link at the top of the page.



If you open the Competencies tab again, the new competency will appear on the list. Using the buttons, you have the option to edit or remove the competency.