Managing Settings

Creating Vouchers

Vouchers are one-time-use codes that, when redeemed by a learner, can be used to create a new account or enroll in certain courses that you designate.

The Vouchers page can be accessed by clicking Vouchers under the Settings category on the sidebar.



How to Create a New Voucher


To create a new voucher pack, type a name into the box and click Create.



To edit your voucher pack, click on Edit beside the voucher pack name.



You are now editing the voucher pack that was just created. To create vouchers in your voucher pack, fill out the fields on the right-hand side of the screen. 


The following fields need to be filled out:

·      Number of voucher codes

·      Expiry date and time (the date on which the vouchers expire and can no longer be redeemed)

·      Code length (must be a number between 5 and 20)

·      Code prefix (optional)

·      Maximum number of redemptions

·      Number of allowed courses each code can be redeemed for (optional)


When you are finished filling out the fields, click on Add codes.



The codes will generate and be displayed on the page.