Customizing Courses

Dynamic Resources


Dynamic resources allow you to create a resource from scratch directly in the LMS. Using an editor similar to the znanja course editor, you can add text, images, videos, animations, and other interactives to the page.


Navigate to the resource center for the course you are working with by opening the dropdown menu next to the course in the course list and clicking Resource Center.



Click on the Create New Dynamic Resource tab.



Enter the name of your new resource and click Create.



An editor will open (similar to the znanja course editor) that allows you to add text and media to the page.



The Save button will save your work to the resource page.



The Preview button opens a preview of the page and allows you to view the page as another user would see it in their account.



The Details button allows you to change the name of the resource.



When you are finished working with the resource, make sure you save it (using the Save button), then you can navigate back to the Resource Center using the Back button on the sidebar.



Your new resource now appears on the resource list. You can edit it again using the Edit button.



You can also delete the resource using the Delete button.