Managing Settings

Editing and Redeeming Vouchers



On the Voucher page, you can see each voucher code, when it expires, how many courses it is worth, whether it has been redeemed, and a toggle for whether it is active.



Before the codes can be used for any courses, you need to designate which courses are eligible for redemption inside of this voucher pack. To do this, click on the Courses tab.



Choose +Add a course. This will open a list of available courses.  



Click Add next to a course to add it to the voucher.


You can also add all of your courses to the voucher by clicking Add all courses.


Then, click Return to go back to the list of added courses.


You can remove courses by clicking Remove beside a course.


Once courses have been added, your voucher is ready to be shared. Click on the Vouchers tab and look for the redeem link near the bottom of the page.


By entering this redeem code on their accounts, users can gain access to the courses that have been added to the voucher.