Customizing Courses

Editing Course Settings

The course settings page allows you to change information about your course. You can change the name, add an overview and description, select a certificate, assign the course to categories, select instructors, adjust audio settings, and more.


Viewing Course Settings

  1. To begin, click the Courses button on the sidebar and click My Courses.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the course you want to work with and click Course Settings.

  3. You will see the Options screen.


Changing the Course Overview, Description, and General Settings

  1. The first section of the Options screen allows you to type changes to the name, section name, overview, and learning objectives for your course. 
  2. You can also select a certificate to be included with the course by selecting it from the Certificate dropdown, and specifying a minimum score for the certificate. 
  3. Finally, you can enable or disable the discussion board feature for this course using the toggle at the bottom of the page. (More information about the discussion boards feature can be found here.) 
  4. Click Save when you are finished. 



Assigning Categories to a Course

  1. You can also assign categories to a course from the Course Settings screen. First, click on the “Categories” tab at the top of the Course Settings page. 

  2. Then, type the desired category name into the field and click the category name when it appears. If the category doesn’t exist, just press Enter. The category will be created and the course will be assigned to it.

  3. To remove the course from a category, click the X next to the category name.



Enabling Email Instructor Button

  1. Under the “Instructor” tab on the Course Settings screen, you can adjust instructor email settings. 

  2. The Allow Instructor Email toggle will enable or disable the instructor email option. 

  3. The dropdown field below allows to you enter the instructor email to be used.

  4. Click Save when you are finished.



Enabling or Disabling Audio

  1. Under the “Audio” tab, you can choose to enable or disable audio for the course.

  2. This audio will carry over to SCORM package exports as well. Move the toggle switch to your desired position and click on Save.