Using the Page Editor

Inserting a Link



Clicking this icon will open the Insert link menu. Here, the following commands are displayed:


·      URL: This is the link that will be added to the page.

·      Text to display: This is the text that contains the link, which will appear on the page for the students to view.

·      Title: This adds a title when hovering over the link. It is commonly used to add a description that indicates where the link takes you.

·      Link list: This is a list of all assets uploaded to the course, allowing users to easily link to one of these assets.

·      Target: This changes the behavior of what happens when clicking the link, such as opening a new window, or staying in the same window.

·      Class: This shows options to change the formatting of the link’s text.

To edit a link that has already been inserted, select the link and click on the link icon to open the editing screen.