Working with Users

Introduction to Groups

About Groups

Groups is the most efficient way to enroll students in sets of courses by allowing you to logically group students and courses together.

This is a great tool for group or department-specific training. As an example, an organization that does internal training could create the following groups:  

·         Company Policy / Onboarding group – for all employees

·         Human Resources group – for the HR department

·         Sales group – for all sales associates

·         Accounting group – for the financial department

When groups are created, specific courses are added to them. Instructors can also be assigned to manage students and view reports. Then, students can be placed into the various groups. Once placed in a group, the student is given access to all the courses in that group, and can begin to complete them on their account.

In that way, groups can be used to speed up your enrollment process and reduce the administrative time required for student enrollment.  


Creating Groups

1.       To create a new group, click the Users category in the sidebar and click Create Group.


2.       Give your group a name and click Create. 


3.       You will immediately be taken to the group’s editing page.


4.       If needed, you can change the group’s name here. You can also view more information about groups on the right-hand side of this page.


5.       To access these options later on, click the Users category in the sidebar and click Manage Groups.