Working with Users

Introduction to Groups

The Groups tool is the most efficient way to enroll students in sets of courses. You can create as many groups as you need to meet the needs of your learners. Each group is assigned specific courses, which users enrolled in the group can access.


Once they are assigned to a group, the student gets access to all the courses in the group.


This is a great tool for group training or department-specific training. Many organizations that use the LMS for internal training will create a group for each department, like this:

·      Company Policy / Onboarding group – for all employees

·      Human Resources group – for the HR department

·      Sales group – for the Sales department

·      Accounting group – for the Accounting department

Groups are also a great way to speed up your enrollment process and reduce the time you spend doing administrative tasks.


How to Create a Group


To create a new group, click the Users category in the sidebar and click Create Group.



Give your group a name and click Create.



You will immediately be taken to the group’s editing page.