Working with Users

Linking a LDAP Directory

If your organization uses an LDAP database, you can link it to the znanja LMS. This synchronizes user information and automatically creates LMS accounts for your users. That way, users can continue to use their directory credentials to access the LMS.

The znanja LMS primarily supports Active Directory, which is a software created by Microsoft, but other LDAP databases are also compatible.


How to Link an LDAP Database to the LMS


To link a new LDAP database to your LMS, start by clicking Users then LDAP Connections from the sidebar.



Then click Create a connection.



On this page, you will be able to input the information to connect your directory. Start by typing a name for the directory.



Then, the following information will be required: the URL of the directory, the DN and password of a user in the directory, and the path to the user folder in your directory. 



Next, you need to configure the names of user attributes in your directory to assign them to the LMS. Clicking Configure for Active Directory will use defaults for the Active Directory software.


You could also type in specific user attributes.


Groups in the LMS can also be associated with groups in the directory. To do this, click on the Groups tab.



Then click Add a group.



Now you can type the name of a group in your directory, and then select a group in the LMS with which to associate it. Doing this allows certain users to be automatically enrolled in particular courses based on the group to which they belong.



When you are done inputting information, click Create. Your directory connection will be added to the list.



You can edit the connection by clicking Edit.



You can also test the connection by clicking the Test button. This will test the connection to your directory and identify any issues that arise.



Now with the connection created, when users navigate to your custom domain to log in, the directory will be used by default. Users can log in to the LMS using the credentials stored in the directory. When a user logs in using directory credentials for the first time, a new LMS account is automatically created for them.



A user with an account in the LMS can still log in by selecting LMS account from the dropdown menu.