Instructor-Led Training

Managing an Instructor-led Classroom Session

Managing Classrooms

  1. On the Instructor Led page, there is a list of all your classrooms, showing their important information. 

  2. Clicking View next to any course will bring up its information, and allow you to edit it.

  3. On this screen the title, instructor, start and end dates, location, and enrolled students can all be modified.

  4. Back on the Instructor Led page, clicking the down arrow next to View will open a menu with additional options.

  5. Clicking Export in this menu will export a report in a table containing all students, their scores, whether they attended or not, and any notes. The report is exported as a CSV file.

  6. Clicking Delete in that menu will delete the classroom.


Managing Student Data

  1. While accessing a classroom’s information (by clicking View on the Instructor Led page), student information can be viewed and modified. To add new students, click Add user. 

  2. Then select students by clicking Add.

  3. Then click Remove users to return to the list of enrolled students.

  4. On the list of enrolled users, you can remove a user by clicking Remove next to their name. 

  5. To change a student’s score, click in the dialogue box under the heading “Score” and enter in a new value. Scores automatically save once you click outside the box.

  6. To indicate whether a student has attended the session, click the toggle under “Attended”.

  7. To add notes for a student, click Notes.

  8. Then type in your note. Notes also save automatically once you click outside the box.