Discussion Boards

Managing Message Settings on a Global Discussion Board


  1. From the dashboard, navigate to the discussion board by clicking Discussions from the sidebar.

  2. Click on View Discussion for the board you want to edit.

  3. To edit information about the discussion board itself, click Edit at the top of the page.

  4. On the page that opens, you can change the name and description of the board.

  5. You can also make the board active or inactive using the checkmark box. Making a discussion board inactive will remove it from any student’s list. Administrators will still be able to view and edit the board.

  6. Click Save Discussion Board when you are finished making changes. 

  7. Then navigate back to the discussion by clicking its name in the directory at the top of the page. 

  8. To edit a discussion post that has already been created, first click on the post. 

  9. Then, click on edit. Now you can change the original post's title and body message. 

  10. You can make this discussion inactive by clicking on the first checkmark box. 

  11. You can pin this post by clicking on the second checkmark box. Pinning a discussion will put it to the top of the discussions list on the board's main page. 

  12. Click Save when you are done making changes. 

  13. Then navigate back to either the post you just came from or the discussion page by clicking on a name in the directory at the top of the page.