Course Editing: In-depth

Managing Pages

Breaking Pages

  1. Open the page that you want to break.
  2. Click “Page break on the Pages toolbar.

  3. The editor will register instances where the Enter (or Return) key has been used. Click “Break here where you want to create the new page.

  4. The editor will create a new page with the same title and move the content over to that page. Click “Publish” to complete the process.



Renaming and Rearranging Pages

  1. In the Course Editor, click the Table of Contents command on the Pages toolbar.

  2. To rename a page, hover over the desired page and click the pencil icon.

  3. Type the new name and click the checkmark to apply your changes. To discard your changes, click the X.

    Note: You can also rename pages by going to the page options for that page and changing the page title there. 

  4. To change the order of pages, hover over the desired page. Click on and hold your mouse button on the page you want to move. Drag and drop it to the desired location. The location where the page will sit will be indicated by a fine red line.



Adding Folders

  1. To add a folder, click Add → Add a folder.

  2. Type the folder title and select where you would like the folder to be placed. Click Add.

  3. The folder will be created. You can now move pages into the folder by opening the Table of Contents, and dragging and dropping the pages underneath the folder label. 

  4. The folder can be renamed by rolling over the folder in the Table of Contents, and clicking the pencil icon. The folder can be deleted by clicking the X.