Working with Users

Managing User Enrollment

1.       To manage user enrollment, click Users on the sidebar and click Manage Users.


2.       Click on the target user’s name or picture.


3.       Click the Enrollments tab. 


4.       To add a course, click the “+Add a course” button above the course list. 


5.       Wait a moment for the course list to load. Then, click “+Add all Courses” or +Add for each single course. You can also choose a date that the learner must complete the course by. After this date, the course will show “Expired” for your learner.


6.      When you are finished, click ←Return to go back to the Enrollments page. 


7.       To remove courses from an individual user’s profile, click the -Remove button beside the desired course on the Enrollments page. 



8.       You can also remove all courses from the user’s profile with the “-Remove all Courses” button at the top of the list.