Working with Users

Managing Users

Modifying User Profiles

1.       To edit a user’s profile (including their contact details, password, enrollments, and level of access), navigate to your user list by clicking Users on the sidebar and clicking Manage Users.


2.       Now, click on your user’s name or on your user’s picture.




Anatomy of the Profile Page and Profile Tab

1.       When you click Users → Manage Users and click Edit beside a user name, you will see the Profile tab of the user’s profile page. 


2.       Here is an overview of the options on this tab.

·         Profile Tabs: These are the four sections of a user profile. Click to navigate through them.

·         User Details: This section contains the basic user information plus any custom user fields you may have added.

·         Change Password: You can change the password by simply clicking on Save which will system-generate a new password and send it to your user. You can also enter a new password, confirm it, and click Save to choose the password.

·         Statistics: This area lets you know how many times this user has logged in as well as the last login date and time.


Membership Tab

1.       Under the Membership tab you can see the level of access that the user has for each organization.  


2.       All new users are automatically created as students (basic users who log in only to learn). If there is nothing listed under the Roles heading; that means the user is a student. 


3.       You can remove the user’s access or add them to an organization with this page. As well, you can disable the account entirely from any profile page.



Enrollments Tab

1.       Under the Enrollments tab we can view the list of courses that a user can access. 



Roles and Authorization Tab

1.       The Roles and Authorization tab allows you to grant higher levels of access to a user (making them an administrator, for example).