Virtual Classes

Managing Users in a Virtual Class


When participating in a virtual class, two levels of access are available for instructors and students.

Students can:

·       Participate via audio or webcam video

·       Use public chat functions (send and reply to messages)

·       Respond to polls

·       Write on shared notes

·       Respond to invites for breakout rooms

Instructors (moderators) can:

·       Manage user audio (mute/unmute)

·       Manage user features (restricting or locking user functionality)

·       Assign anyone (including themselves) the role of presenter

·       Create breakout rooms for student discussions

·       Write closed captions

·       Start/Stop Recordings

·       End Meetings


These roles can be differentiated by the icons that appear on the left-hand sidebar menu: students will see round icons and instructors will see square icons.




All users can be muted at the same time. To do this, click on the Gear icon next to the users list, and click Mute all users.


Note: Individuals can still unmute themselves if muted by an instructor.


You can also mute all users except the current presenter by clicking Mute all users except presenter. This can be helpful when a single presenter is presenting, to avoid interruptions.



To unmute all users, click Turn off meeting mute.



Individual users can also be muted by clicking on their name and clicking Mute user.




The features that are accessible to students can be toggled using the locking feature. First, click the Gear icon next to the users list, and click Lock viewers.



A menu will open with a number of possible features. Use the toggles provided to enable or disable certain features for students. When a toggle is red, students are unable to use that feature. Features that can be locked include webcam access, sharing of notes, and chat features.



When you have made your changes, finish by clicking Apply.



Access to certain features can also be blocked for individual students. This can be done by clicking on the user’s name in the sidebar and clicking Lock user.



Students can be assigned the role of presenter, which gives them the ability to edit the current shared whiteboard, start polls, and share their own screen.


To assign a user as a presenter, click on their name in the users list, and click Make presenter.



To return yourself to presenter status, click on your own name in the users list and click Take presenter role.