Using the Message Center

Using the Message Center

  1. To access your inbox, click your account name at the top of the screen. Then click Inbox under the “Messages” heading.

  2. Here, you can view any messages you have received.

  3. To send a new message, either
  1. Click Send message in your inbox

  2. Click your account name at the top of the screen, then click Send message under the “Messages” heading


  1. A menu will appear. In the first field, titled “Send to”, start typing the name of the user you want to send a message to. 

  2. When the name appears, click on it. You can remove a user that you’ve selected by clicking on the small ‘x’.

  3. Next, enter the topic of your message. This is like the subject line in an email.

  4. Finally, under the “Message” heading, enter your message.

  5. When you are done, click Send message.


Enabling or Disabling the Message Center

  1. The Message Center is controlled on the Features page under the Settings tab.

  2. The first two options are for the Message Center.

  3. Toggling “Enable live Messaging” will adjust whether users are able to communicate using znanja’s live messaging system.

  4. Toggling “Enable Messaging for Instructors and Admins only” will adjust whether instructors and admins become the only users who can start messages. When this feature is enabled (when the toggle is green and displays ON), only users who are instructors or administrators can start messages. Students can still reply to messages sent to them, but they cannot initiate messaging.