Virtual Classes

Recording a Virtual Class


The audio and video feed of a virtual class can be recorded and saved for later. Any student who is enrolled in the course the virtual class was created in will be able to access class recordings.


To start a recording, click the Start Recording button at the top of the screen.



When prompted, click Yes. Your class will begin recording.



You can pause the recording by clicking the recording button again. Click it again to restart. All of the recording instances will be compiled in a single recording at the end.



The recording will stop when the meeting is ended.



Once the meeting has ended, the recording will begin processing. Once the recording has been processed, it will be available from the Virtual Classes page. This may take a few minutes.



Clicking View next to the name of the class allows you to view the recording right in the LMS.



You can download the class recording to your computer by clicking Download. You will be prompted to start downloading a video file.