Reporting Features in the Course Editor

The course editor allows you to add a student’s score or text response from a previous assessment question in the course right onto the page of a course. These fields will automatically change for each student based on their own responses, making them dynamic.



Adding a Student’s Score


1.     To add a student’s score, click the ‘Insert a page score’ button from the toolbar.




2.     Using the drop-down menu, select the page with the score you want to add.




3.     Click ‘Insert’.




4.     The page will now show that assessment’s score as a percentage. This will automatically change for different students in the course based on the score they achieve.






Adding a Student’s Response


1.     To add a student’s text response to a question, click the ‘Insert a student’s response’ button from the toolbar.




2.     In the menu that opens, use the first drop-down menu to select the course with the question you want to use.




3.     Use the second drop-down menu to select the specific question you want to show.




4.     Click ‘Insert’.




5.     The question you selected will now appear on the editing page. This will be substituted for a student’s answer when they view it in their course.