Reports by Course


  1. To view reports by course, click the Reporting category in the sidebar and click Courses. 

  2. Next click "View report" next to the course that you want to report on. 

    Notice the tools at the top for exporting a report on all courses, searching courses, and sorting courses. 

  3. This page will show you a list of the users who are enrolled in the course. Beside a user's name is a display of the total time they have spent in the course, as well as their current grade, and percentage completion. 

  4. A full list of course revisions can be viewed by clicking View Revisions. 

  5. You can export a report containing information about all the students in the course by clicking on the Export Report button. 

  6. To view activity for a specific student, click View next to that student's name. 

    Notice the tools for exporting a report on all students, searching students, and filtering students. 

  7. The report for that student will open. Information about the student's progress is found in the top left corner, including total time spent in the course, percentage completion, and number of accesses. 

  8. You can export two different reports using the tools at the top of the page. 

  9. An expanded view of the user's performance on in-course assessments and quizzes is found in the body of the page.