Customizing Courses

Resource Center


The Resource Center is a common area where all of the students enrolled in a course can access a variety of files uploaded by the administrator or instructor. Each course has its own resource center, and the resource center for a course is only accessible to students who are enrolled in it.




How to Upload a File to the Resource Center


To access the resource center for a course, begin by clicking Courses, then My Courses on the sidebar.



Click the dropdown arrow next to the course you want to work with and click Resource Center.



The first tab that opens is the Resources tab. This is where a list of uploaded files will be visible.



To upload a new file, click the Upload from Computer tab.



Click Browse, then select the file you want to upload from the file browser that opens.



If you want to upload another file, you can click Add another file. A second file dialog box will appear where you can select another file to upload.



Using the Filename field, you can change what name is visible to users for this file in the resource center.



When you are ready, click Upload.



Once the files are uploaded to the system, they will appear under the Resources tab. These files are now also visible to students enrolled in the course, who have the ability to view and download the files.