Working with Users

Roles and Authorizations



An administrator has access to all of the LMS’s features and settings, including: creating and modifying users and groups, creating and editing courses, both from scratch and by importing, selling using the private portal, if this function is enabled, and viewing and modifying all settings of the LMS.

Administrators can also manage any sub-organizations that are created under their organization.

Essentially, an administrator has full control of their organization in the LMS. 



Students are limited to 3 main actions: accessing their course list to complete their assigned courses, accessing the ‘reporting’ section to view their course scores, and editing their basic profile information

Most of the users in an organization will be students. 


Instructional Designer

Instructional designers have the added ability to create courses, and edit courses within an organization. They can access any course, and edit and save its contents. 


Content Creator

This role is similar to the Instructional Designer. A Content Creator will have access to the course creation option to create new courses. They can then edit the courses they create. 

Note that content creators can only edit the courses they create themselves. They can’t edit courses created by someone else. This is the major difference between instructional designers and content creators: content creators can only edit their own courses.