Course Editing: In-Depth Using the Page Editor

Creating Subtitles

Subtitles can be added to your course to supplement audio narration. Subtitles that you add can be opened by a student in a course, so they can read along with the narration.  Subtitles are added and edited from the course editor.



In the course editor, open the Manage menu, and click Manage subtitles. 



First, you can select the language for your subtitles. Selecting a language can be useful if you are creating the same course in different languages. From this menu, it is possible to save a different set of subtitles for each language znanja supports.



Then, type or paste your subtitles in the text field.



Notice the text editing options in the toolbar above the text. This toolbar is similar to the course editor.



When you are done, click Save. Your subtitles will then be added to the page.



If you want to continue adding subtitles to other pages, you can navigate to them using the arrows at the bottom of the page.



If you want to return to the course editor, click Return to the Page Editor from the sidebar.



You can now preview your subtitles by clicking View Page at the top of the page.



Subtitles can be accessed by clicking the Subtitles button next to the page’s audio bar.


Note: Subtitles will not appear on the page unless there is an audio file attached to the page.