Working with Users

Uploading a List of Users

To create many users at once, upload a CSV spreadsheet file to the LMS. To begin, click on the Upload Users tab from the Users screen.


Before you upload, make sure you have the appropriate file ready. The uploaded file must be a .csv – comma (,) separated file. This can be created in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. Information can be found below to help format you CSV file for best results.


How to Upload your CSV File


When your document is ready, click Browse, navigate to your file, select it, and click Open.



Click Next to complete the process.



On the next page, using the dropdown menus, you can associate the columns in your file with associated account details.



Once you are ready, click Upload. The users will be created in the background. You will receive an email notification when this process is finished, and your users have been created.





Updating a User Using the Upload Users Feature

You can update the account information of multiple accounts at once by using active emails in your spreadsheet instead of new emails. Any new information in the spreadsheet will be applied to the existing accounts associated with the active emails used. This feature is useful if you want to change the information of many users at once.



Note: Certain fields cannot be updated for existing users. These include passwords, and email notifications. These fields can only be applied to new users that are being created.