Course Editing: In-Depth Using the Page Editor

Working with Text in the Course Editor

Undo/Redo Changes


The first button will allow you to undo a change you just made. (You can also use the Ctrl + Z shortcut.)

The second button will allow you to redo a change you have just undone. (You can also use the Ctrl + Y shortcut.)

These serve the same function as the undo/redo commands in common text editors such as Microsoft Word. 



Font and Text Options

Various font and text options are found under Font Family and Font Sizes menus, as well as by clicking Text color and Background color. Text can be formatted using the mouse to select text, and then clicking any of the font and text options.


Font Family: Clicking the Font Family menu will open a list of available fonts to use on the page.


Font Sizes: Clicking the Font Sizes menu will open a list of available font sizes for your text.


Text color: Clicking the Text color button will apply a color to the selected text. To select a color, click the down arrow next to the icon, and choose a color. Alternatively, you can click Custom to open an RGB pallet with sliders and number inputs, to choose a custom color.


Background color: Clicking Background color will apply a color to the selected text as a background. Colors can be selected the same way as with text colors (see above). 



Formats Menu


The Formats menu will allow you to access headings, inline, blocks, and alignment options.



Text Toolbar

The buttons on this toolbar allow you to make formatting changes to selections of text.


From left to right, they will allow you to:

·      Apply the Bold style to text

·      Apply the Italics style to text

·      Align text – left, center, right, and justified

·      Insert a bulleted or numbered list (symbol format options are found by clicking the down arrow next to each icon)

·      Increase or decrease the indent